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Worldwide Prayer Meeting. At TSC missions we’re getting excited about Times Square Church’s new prayer meeting set to launch on Tuesday Jan. 28 th called world wide prayer. This prayer meeting will be webcast live on our website so people all over the world (including our anchor projects and missionaries) will be able to send in their prayer.Home Carter Conlon – Times Square Church It’s Time to Pray | Faith Radio – NRB 2016 Carter Conlon – Times Square Church It’s Time to Pray | Faith Radio – NRB 2016 April 10, 2018 Luis ohare home- pastor Carter Conlon – Times Square Church – 02.18.2018 It is high past time that Christians rediscover the power of repentance, prayer, and humility. We have invented our own programs and leaned on our own reasoning for far too long.In the sermon entitled, "Beware of The Angry Watchmen," Carter Conlon preaches away the true burden of the Lord to backslidden, lukewarm Christianity. Without shame he speaks against those prophets that would seek to preach anything to the adulterous bride of Christ, desiring to know how to return to her bride-groom, but mercy.

Original video found at website devoted to exposing the lies and damnable errors concerning Times Square Church and their pastor, Carter Conlon. Truth is fallen in the streets in this generation; this is a humble attempt to resurrect that standard.24/7 Radio : Jesus Revolution With Len And Angie; Len Paxton New Podcasts on Podbean; Len Paxton On Anchor FM; Len Paxton On Spotify; Len Paxton Devotions and Nuggets; The journey home: grace For The race; len paxton on You Tube; Angie’s Link Site and blog; Carter Conlon; Times Square Church; Its Time To Pray; Summit International School Of.At the time, I had no idea that. I am forever encouraging my readers to have faith in themselves – and to ask the universe for help. Clearly others recognised this, for I suddenly found myself.Pray While You Still Can – Pastor Carter Conlon – Times Square Church – 06.02.2019 There will come a time when darkness will so contort the minds of men that en masse they will neither acknowledge God nor pray.